The Black Bird Detective Mystery Series

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Meet Sage


Inspired by her mother's love of reading Sage has been a reader since she was a young child. Weekly library visits continued to stoke the love for reading. Starting as a young child reading the Giving Tree to the exciting and thought provoking V.C. Andrews novels, Sage has had a passion for reading that spans three decades.

Blessed with an over-active imagination, Sage has been able to create novels that capture her audience and implores them to read further.She recalls being a 12 year old with a story in her heart. She remembered the day that she decided to put pen to paper and write out her thoughts. The first novel written was entitled, "Love As I Know It". Although, the book was hand written in a red notebook and was never published, Sage attributes the book to her starting point in her writing career. Receiving praise and encouragement from her uncle Vaughn and her aunt Gayle, Sage was destined and determined to forge a career in writing.

The great thing in life is when you can become who you really wanted to be. Sure, computer assurance and website development made it easier to pay the bills, but writing is where she finds her solace. You begin to really live, once you recognize your own passion in life, and indulge it.

More than just books, Sage wears many hats, but her most important hats are Mother, Wife, Sister and Aunt. Although, writing is her passion, Sage finds happiness in seeing her children, nieces and nephews explore and try new things. Sage is a writer, but she wants to be seen as a motivator and a role model to all of her kids. According to Sage, "Our children will be better when we show them better! Be the best example."

Sage has also written a novel on her experience with raising an Autistic child.

Sage is also a featured author in the 2017 Chicken Soup for the Soul, Best Mom Ever! book.